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Whatzzinit!! Project Bag Tagzz

Whatzzinit!! Project Bag Tagzz

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If you're like me, you have multiple project bags sitting with projects in varying stages of completion. Nowwwww, what's in this one?? How about this one?? Which bag did I put those socks in??

Just clip one of these onto your bag and you can know at a glance, without having to open every bag, just 'Whatzzinit!"! I've got tags for Socks, Sweater, Shawl, Mittens, Scarf, Blanket, Timeout (naughty), Timout (clean) and Hats and am totally open to suggestions for whatever else you may need. Available individually, in a basic set of 5, (socks, shawl, mitts, hat and sweater) or in a set of all 8 (basic plus blanket, scarf and timout of your choice, 'Clean' or 'Naughty').

These project bag tags are made from finished Baltic birch ply, measure approx. 1.75" round and come with a lobster clasp.



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