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Weaverzz Markers/Row & Stitch Counters

Weaverzz Markers/Row & Stitch Counters

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These markers are something I now use in my weaving that I thought you may find useful as well. Numbered length markers! It has been pointed out to me that these also work great for keeping track of row counts in your knitting and crochet!!

Keeping track of the length of my work as I was weaving was awkward. I was measuring, placing a marker, and then writing down the length, keeping track on a sheet of paper. If I remembered to write it down... SO, after some thought, I came up with some little round numbered markers. I just measure and clip on the appropriate numbered tag. Before I advance my warp, I measure from the last marker, and clip on the next number. Remove the previous clip, advance my work and keep going. The little discs can also be doubled up, like a 30 and a 4 for 34" etc.

The BASIC set comes with 14 numbered tags and 4 bulb clips.

The ADD-ON set has numbers, in increments of 10, from 50-120



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