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Footsyzz!! ©

Footsyzz!! ©

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(Pronounced FOOT-size)

I'd been thinking about this idea for a while, and a request from a few of my sock knitting buddies prompted me to act on it. Ever use a cardboard cutout for making socks? Especially if you're a fan of the FLK heel? If you use them a lot, you know they tend to wear out, soooo, let me make one out of wood for you!

All I need is a GOOD photo, taken from directly overhead (so there is no distortion), of your current cutout, complete with all your normal markings - I can put those on there too. Include at LEAST two, preferably 3  measurements - lengthwise and crosswise, so I can accurately recreate your cutout on wood.

*Please email your cutout photos to*

Sanded and finished, using the same material as I use for my blockers, Soxyzz and the other tools, this one will last!! I can even include a ruler on there if you like, starting at either the toe or the heel, your choice, just let me know.

NOTE: Price is for ONE Footsyzz.

Caring for your wooden tools


©  BurningImpressions 


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