The Flip Sidze Stitch markers

The Flip Sidze Stitch markers

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Ever put down your knitting and can't remember if you're on an increase (or decrease) row when you pick it up again?? Well, with these stitch markers, a simple flick of the needles as you start a new row or round and you know exactly where you're at. Just slip the marker to the other needle knit-wise as you start and the marker flips to the other side, just like magic. Or, if you slip in purl-wise, it will stay on the current side of the marker. One side will have either INC or DEC, and the other side will have either 'Givver' or 'Go For It!!', so you'll know what you are doing on the next row. I've found these ESPECIALLY helpful in knitting hats, where you are increasing or decreasing on alternate rows!! (See videos in product photos)

Markers are 1/8" Baltic birch, finished sanded smooth, and the metal rings have a 9.5mm diameter.


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