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Spinnerzz Stix Gauge ©

Spinnerzz Stix Gauge ©

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Introducing the new Spinnerzz Stix Gauges! Crafted from 1/4" birch ply, sanded and finished smooth, they're just like their larger siblings, the Spinnerzz Gauge and the MINI Spinnerzz gauge, only SLIMMER, so you don't have to pull out as much yarn to measure your wraps-per-inch. The 1 inch gauge has a handy 4" measure on the back, while the 1/2 inch one has the WPI chart on the reverse.

Measuring 4"x1" for the regular, or 4"x 1/2" for the slim, they are a handy wee gadget to have with you when you're out and about - Spinning on the go? At your LYS or that fiber fair and not sure what weight that squishy skein of yarn is? Now you can be!! Comes with a handy keychain attached so you can clip it anywhere - project bag, on your wheel, on you keychain...

Designed with spinners and knitters in mind, this tool is meant to measure your WPI and determine your yarn weight. Hold your yarn over the grooves to compare width, or wrap around the 1" groove to see your WPI. With everything you need handy in one place, it can be hung right on your wheel or tucked into your project bag, purse or pocket. 

Larger gauges shown for size comparison only 😉

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