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Spinnazzmajig!! ©

Spinnazzmajig!! ©

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I ALWAYS seem to get interrupted when I'm spinning - and especially when plying! So, I wanted a way to be able to keep everything from getting tangled up when I have to leave it. I couldn't find anything, so necessity being the mother of invention, I came up with... The Spinnazzmajig!! It took a couple tries, but I finally came up with something that checked the boxes for me.

Simply wrap your singles/plies around it, into the notches, and the two (or three for triple plies) notches on the bottom keep your singles separate and untangled. Hook it onto the hook on your flyer, or really anywhere you can hang it, and it doesn't twirl around, keeping everything just as you left it. Works great on most e-spinners and conventional wheels.

The Spinnazzmajig measures about 2.75"x 1" (70mmx25mm), and is made from 1/8" Baltic Birch ply, sanded smooth, finished and polished. I was making them from 1/4", but finding that the 1/8" thickness makes them more versatile, useable on more wheels.

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