Roses 'n Butterflies Mitt Blockers

Roses 'n Butterflies Mitt Blockers

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These mitt blockers are crafted from 1/4" Baltic Birch plywood, sanded smooth, and finished with several coats of polyurethane, just like our sock blockers. I tried several design variations, and that thumb just kept being a problem!! Way too hard to pull the finished mitten on without stretching the whatsis out of the cuff!! SO, I came up with the idea of the removable thumb, which can easily be slid inside and attached once the mitt is placed on the blocker 😃.

 *It is very important that you regularly check your blockers, especially the edges, and treat them with some kind of wood treatment, either a finishing oil or paste wax, to maintain them and prevent them from drying out and keep them waterproof. As they are wood, there is potential for 'wear and tear', even with careful use, which can usually be repaired with a very fine sand paper clear spray coat - even clear fingernail polish will do the trick.*

Caring for your blockers

Available in pairs of small (3 1/8" palm), medium (3 1/2" palm) or large (4" palm)

en français

Ces bloqueurs de moufles sont fabriqués à partir de contreplaqué de bouleau Baltique 1/4 ", poncé et finis avec plusieurs couches de polyuréthane, tout comme nos bloqueurs de chaussettes. J'ai essayé plusieurs variantes de design, et ce pouce continuait à poser problème! Trop dur de tirer sur la mitaine finie sans étirer le contenu de la manchette !! SO, j’ai eu l’idée du pouce amovible, qui peut facilement être glissé à l’intérieur et fixé une fois que la mitaine est placée sur le bloqueur.

Disponible en paires de petite (paume 3 1/8 "), moyenne (paume 3 1/2") ou grande (paume 4 ")

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