About Us

The shop as you now see it started because of my love of sock knitting. Several years ago I joined a couple Facebook groups for sock knitters, and people were talking about blocking socks and various sock blockers. Sock blockers?? So, I ordered a set of plastic ones and they were okay, but, meh, nothing special. SOooo, I started thinking... we have a big laser machine downstairs!! I started playing with designs and came up with a basic pattern, and then started customizing it. I found I could put just about anything I wanted on these wooden sock blockers!! I posted them in one of the groups, and it started!!

From there, it was just a matter of taking my ideas and translating them to wood. If I needed something, I would simply make it instead of buying it, or if I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, I'd design it. Our rulers, mitt blockers, tools and gadgets all came about because I either couldn't find exactly what I needed, or I wanted to tailor something to better suit my needs. Or someone would ask, "Can you make...??" 

I had NO idea that my little hobby would turn into what it is today. From that first pair of wooden blockers for myself to world-wide shipping!! In 2015 it got to the point where I just couldn't keep up with the business and my full time management position as well, so it was time to make a decision. Scary as it was, I decided to let go of the security of the job and give my full attention to the business. I have no regrets, and I haven't looked back!! I've had to call on "Mr BurningImpressions" now as well to help me keep up.

The 'Burning' family


Myself, Dan, Molly and Emma. Dan does my 'pre-work' - prepping my boards and pre-sanding, running to town and so many behind the scenes things. Molly is pretty much a... paperweight - We'll say she helps in the office. Emma is the head mouse catcher and ensures that we take breaks regularly because she is a Jack Russell.