The MINI Soxyzz!! Wee Foot Measuring Tool ©
The MINI Soxyzz!! Wee Foot Measuring Tool ©
The MINI Soxyzz!! Wee Foot Measuring Tool ©

The MINI Soxyzz!! Wee Foot Measuring Tool ©

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Just like it’s bigger siblings, the Soxyzz and the Mega Soxyzz, only... MINI. Made from 1/4" Baltic Birch, sanded smooth and coated with Polyurethane, this wee one is made to last. The Mini is 7" long, and just over 2" wide - perfect for tucking into your knitting-on-the-go bag and for measuring tiny feet for those those baby and little kid socks!! As with the other Soxyzz rulers, the Mini can also be personalized with your name, nickname, Rav handle or whatever wording you like.

This handy gadget idea was born from constantly having to look for shoe sizing charts every time I wanted to make socks for someone else! With the Soxyzz, all you have to do is get your person to stand on the ruler, and voila! You have their size!! Or, if they're not right there handy, you can easily look up their shoe size on the Soxyzz and get the correct measurements.

What is this for? For measuring your feet! Just like the foot sizers in the shoe stores, simply place it on the floor, stand on it, and you will have an accurate measurement of your foot (ergo sock size), as the sizes are marked along the sides of the measure.

(Other rulers pictured are for size reference only, and not included with this listing)

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