Dubblzz!! © Sun, Moon, Starzz!!
Dubblzz!! © Sun, Moon, Starzz!!
Dubblzz!! © Sun, Moon, Starzz!!

Dubblzz!! © Sun, Moon, Starzz!!

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Traduction française ci-dessous

Just like our regular Dubblzz, only... COOLER!!

Laser cut from 1/4" Baltic birch, finished smooth just like our regular blockers, these come in sets of two, a PAIR of Small/Medium, Medium/Large or Large/Extra Large.

 *It is very important that you regularly check your blockers, especially the edges, and treat them with some kind of wood treatment, either a finishing oil or paste wax, to maintain them and prevent them from drying out and keep them waterproof. As they are wood, there is potential for 'wear and tear', even with careful use, which can usually be repaired with a very fine sand paper clear spray coat - even clear fingernail polish will do the trick.*

Caring for your blockers

Small is 9 1/4" (Ladies 6-7)
Medium is 9 3/4" (Ladies 7-9, Men's 7-8)
Large is 10 1/2" (Ladies 9-11, Men's 8-10)
Extra Large is 11.25" (Men's 11-13ish)


en français

Tout comme notre habituel Dubblzz, seulement ... Soleil, Lune, Starzz !!

Découpé au laser à partir de bouleau baltique 1/4 ", fini lisse, à la manière de nos bloqueurs classiques, ils se présentent par paires, une paire de petits / moyens, moyens / grands ou maintenant grands / très grands

Petit est 9 1/4" (Dames 6-7)
Le milieu mesure 9 3/4" (Femmes 7-9, Hommes 7-8)
Large est 10 1/2" (Femmes 9-11, Hommes 8-10)
Extra Large est 11.25" (Hommes 11-13ans)

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