I'M BACK AND RE-STOCKING THE SHOP!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. ALL listings (except for 'Design Your Own' items) are now READY TO SHIP!! Please keep checking back if you don't see what you are looking for, as I'll be adding items as I get them made up and finished. And of course, custom requests are always welcomed :~) For more information or wholesale inquiries, please contact us at burningimpressionslaser@gmail.com or use the Contact Us page.

Beautiful and Unique

If only we were willing to look at others the way a craftsman looks at his medium, to see that it is the blemishes and imperfections that make each piece truly beautiful and unique...

Megan T

Mitt Blockers...

With a REMOVABLE THUMB!! Makes blocking SO much easier!!

Sock Blockers...

Select pre-made, or you can DESIGN YOUR OWN!!

Just... Knit!!

Relax, pick up your needles, and create a work of art.

Simple. Beautiful.

Let's create something to show off YOUR talents